How Does It Feel To Wear High Heels When Dancing


In the fairy tale books we read when we were young, do you admire Cinderella dancing with a prince in crystal high heels? Did you sneak in your mom’s heels and pretend you went to the dancing party? So, what’s it like to dance in heels? Let’s take a look below.

1. Look very elegant

In foreign countries, women wear long skirts and wear high heels on some social occasions. Men, on the other hand, wear suits. Because there is always dancing at parties. Some girls abroad learn to dance when they are very young. So, when it comes to occasions like parties, they can’t help but give off their charm.

2. Will be very tired

High heels can be even more difficult to dance in for the first time. Sometimes new high heels wear on your feet, and sometimes you sprain them if you’re not careful. Dancing in heels for long periods is physically demanding. For the basic people, two or three hours is fine, will be tired, will be painful, but can be ignored.

3. Process is difficult

Those who learn to dance professionally, practice dancing with dancing shoes. Latin dances and Moden dances require high heels. And practice wearing high heels and usually wearing high heels is not quite the same. In the competition, dancers are not only required to have solid basic dancing skills but also to be fully in control of the heels. As the saying goes, one minute on stage takes ten years off stage. It’s a process that takes dancers years.

4. Enjoyable

No matter what, as long as you love something, you will insist on learning it. Even if the process is hard, you will enjoy it. So keep doing what you like and be yourself. Then you can reap the joy.

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