Types Of Sandals


Sandals are a type of footwear that exposes the skin of the foot. It evolved from primitive inclusions, and because of its simple construction, became the earliest foot accessories in human history. Sandals have been found throughout ancient civilizations, and their appearance and construction look like “straps or strings attached to the sole.”

With the evolution of time, the progress of society, and the pursuit of spiritual civilization, sandals also develop more toward art and evolve into a variety of complex styles. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles

1. Lace-up sandals

Lace-up sandals are common summer sandals, thin lace-up full of feminine, elegant and seductive. And lace-up sandals with chunky heels give modesty and sensuality and keep lace-up sandals from being too cloying.

2. Strappy sandals

The strappy sandal has become a classic summer sandal, two simple straps, in line with the minimalist trend, never get tired. But a thick belt should not be too fine, unlike the above lace-up sandals, at least several thin belts, and a word belt sandals, strap only two, so if two are very thin belts, with a thick heel will be some proportion imbalance or flat sandals.

3. Mules sandals

The upper area of Mules sandals is further increased, the fleshy effect is better, the delicate feeling is less, and the sexy and handsome feeling is increased. They’re a great way to go out in the summer and add a unique style to a dress.

4. Beach sandals

Beach sandals are also called beach shoes. It is popular among primary and secondary school students. It is more comfortable and flexible than fashion sandals and has stronger durability. Some beach sandals that are poorly wrapped (especially if they don’t cover your toes) are not suitable for exercise.

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