Why Customized Diamond Ring Is A Better Choice?


A diamond ring is a type of jewelry featuring a diamond. Custom means that your exceptional ring starts from a hand-drawn sketch, and each element is considered, engineered, hand-selected, and cast just for your one-of-a-kind ring.

1. Metal

Platinum, gold, silver, Tungsten Carbide… Our ring is crafted with only the finest materials, ensuring a lifetime value. Come and learn more about the variety of metals we offer to find the one that is right for you.

2. The Use

Engagement, wedding, and anniversary gifts are rings’ three most common uses. We are here to provide you with private customized services, which can be delivered to you within the specified time according to your preferences and needs.

3. The Cut of Diamond

The cut has a huge impact on a diamond’s beauty and brilliance. Even a Flawless clarity grade diamond can look dull if cut too deep or too shallow. We offer three different cuts: Deep, Ideal, and Shallow. You can choose according to your budget and preferences.

4. Diamond Fineness

Diamond color is one of the most important characteristics that affect a diamond’s beauty, and colorless diamonds are especially rare. While most of our customers choose other color grades, many also choose beautiful diamonds near colorless grades due to budgetary considerations and the choice of quality cuts they can afford.

5. Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity evaluates tiny imperfections on the surface and interior of a diamond. In most cases, the beauty of the diamond is not affected by these blemishes, as most inclusions are invisible to the naked eye. Diamond clarity is divided into six categories, comprising 11 clarity grades.

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