Popular Hairstyles


Here are a large wave of popular hairstyles, showing slimness and fashion. Which one do you like most?

1. Clavicle hair

It has a good face-slimming effect and is suitable for most women.

The cold brown hair color is white and not exaggerated. Whether you have black skin or white skin, you can be very satisfied. You want to look good after cutting your collarbone hair. Usually, you’d better blow it with a fan to achieve this fluffy effect, which will make your face thinner, and it is very suitable for urban white collars.

The middle part of the clavicle gives people a light and mature aesthetic feeling. In addition to creating this thin and soft feeling at the end of the hair, it also connects the sideburns and bangs to make the transition more natural. At this time, when you shave the side hair to the ear, the face will leave some broken hair, which will not be so abrupt, and has a good thin face effect, which is very beautiful and sexy.

2. Fluffy short hair

The benefits of puffy short hair are very much. It can increase the height, modify the fashionable head shape, and be neat, fashionable, and easy to take care of.

Fluffy short hair has a good effect on increasing the height of girls who are short at first because the visual center of short hair itself is upward compared with long hair, which has the effect of raising the height. The thin and soft hair is easy to expose the deficiency of the head shape, and the fluffy degree of short hair can play a good hiding effect, which is difficult to be beautiful.

3. Fashion long curly hair

With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetics, black long straight hair is less and less. Many women with long hair like to have their hair permed, which will be more fashionable.

Wool curls can be said to be very hair-revealing. The surface texture is particularly strong, foreign, and energetic. It is very suitable for women with thin hair and less hair.

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