The Styles Of Sweaters


Everyone wears sweaters in winter. Do you know the styles of sweaters? So today I would like to introduce the styles of sweaters.

1. Crew neck sweater

This kind of sweater is the most common type in daily life. Many girls like low-neck sweaters, which can make neck movement more convenient.

2. High-neck sweater

High-neck sweaters are liked by many girls who are afraid of the cold. They are very warm and may blow cold in winter, so wearing high-neck sweaters can well resist the cold wind. The high-collar sweater is a very classic neckline, which brings some retro feeling. It can be paired with an overcoat. After wearing it, it can reduce age and become fashionable. It can also bring good warmth in winter.

3. V-neck sweater

The sweater with V-neck looks good on the outside, which is a very durable match. At the same time, for girls with short faces, it can also have the visual effect of lengthening the face.

4. Sleeveless sweater

This kind of sweater can generally be matched with a long coat, which makes it intellectually elegant. There is a lady style in it, which is very gentle.

5. Fried dough twist sweater

It is commonly seen in designs with large braids on the front, which are generally divided into several strands. This kind of sweater is very retro and can be worn with jeans or small black pants.

6. Striped sweater

Stripes are a common color match. Whether it’s sweaters or vests, they are fashionable and energetic, but they are not a good choice as an interior.

7. Color-blocking sweater

A variety of colors are matched, and the collision of color blocks and color blocks is both fashionable and fashionable. You don’t choose your skin color or people when you wear them.

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