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Girls with ordinary figures feel unable to support various popular elements. Then you can learn from the following group of Paris street photos. Ordinary pieces can wear a high-quality look, which is recognizable and impressive!

1. A timeless coat

For those who don’t know how to dress, the first thing to do when spring comes is to buy and buy to ensure that they won’t be abandoned by the current fashion. The Paris girls, however, took out the inventory of the past years and brushed off the full return rate.

In the street photos of Paris girls, the most popular ones are the “enduring” colorful coats. With the nostalgic style of the interior, you can interpret the classic and generous look, which is superior and endurable!

The casual elegance of Paris street photography depends on how well the dress is. Whether it is a soft coat or a Sa coat, women’s attributes should be emphasized, which is the correct way to open elegant clothes.

Highlighting the waistline is a common way of wearing. In addition, Paris girls also like to mix and match French romantic series dresses and scarves, creating a retro and melodious atmosphere, which can not be ignored when walking on the street!

2. Texture is higher than the design

To wear fashionable flu, and keep up with the pace of fashion, choose fashionable colors or fashionable elements of clothing. You will find that the texture of the clothing is more important than the sense of design when you look closely at the Paris street photos.

As the “protagonist” of spring wear, you must not choose a style that looks wrinkled. The upper body immediately lowers your dressing taste. A coat that looks very expensive, even if it is ordinary, can instantly improve your dressing taste.

Paris girls like the coat of earth color very much. It has a strong retro atmosphere and makes people wear elegant and tasteful instantly. For girls who like the chic style of big women, you can try to match it with the interior of the dark color system to open up the aura during walking!

Worried that our skin color can not control the earth’s color+black, we can make up for our shortcomings by using makeup and white matching, which can instantly improve the appearance value of the modeling.

3. Stylish dressing

Paris street photography seems to be naturally grounded. There are many ways to wear carefully, which is the key to their fashion characteristics.

If the concave shape is used, the use of “flattering” accessories can make the shape fashionable. French girls’ favorite coin necklace, aggressive sunglasses with side leakage, and high-quality bags and other pieces. When you meet ordinary wear, because it touches people’s hearts at the level of detail, you instantly break away from the feeling of passers-by!

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