The Effect And Action Of The Scrub


A scrub is a cleaning product with fine particles that work by removing dirt from deep layers of the skin and removing dead skin.

Scrubs can now be divided into botanical, floral, and essential oil types according to the categories.

Its ingredients usually contain apricot shell powder, nylon powder, and other abrasives.

When such abrasives rub against the skin, they can play a role in removing dirt and aging cutin.

1. What kind of skin does the scrub suit?

Scrubs are suitable for a wide range of skin types. They can help oily skin, mixed skin, acne-prone skin, and chicken skin.

However, dryer and sensitive skin should be used sparingly. A scrub is suitable for serious oil and rough parts of the skin, hands massage in circles,

and rub with the finger for a few minutes, after cleaning, you can feel the skin become smooth.

Dry skin and sensitive muscles should be properly massaged to avoid skin damage.

2. What types of scrubs do you have?

①Plant type: These scrub particles such as almonds, red beans, papaya, oats, and other natural plants.

The advantages are moisturizing skin with natural lipids and vitamins, suitable for facial and body care.

② Donkey milk type: The extracted donkey milk essence is added with natural almond sand,

which has the advantages of rich milk flavor, stronger whitening effect, and the effect of exfoliating, nourishing, moisturizing, and eliminating wrinkles.

After washing, the skin will be white and tender, just like drinking fresh milk.

③ Flower essential oil type: This scrub particle contains rich trace elements such as natural flowers.

The contained moisturizing factor can quickly wake up the skin vitality, suitable for facial and body care.

3. Can the scrub be used every day?

Scrubs, of course, should not be used every day. The main purpose of scrubs is to clean, and excessive cleaning can cause damage to the skin barrier.

In general, use once a week for sensitive muscles, once a week for dry skin, and mixed partial dry skin,

two to three times a week for oily skin and mixed partial skin and oily skin acne muscle can be used often.

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