Some Questions And Answers About Organic Skincare Products


In addition to the botanical ingredients, natural organic skin care products must be composed of organic plant extracts that have obtained organic certification.

No artificial flavors, colors, petrochemicals, and other ingredients that are harmful to the skin should be added to the products.

The preservatives and surfactants added to the products should be strictly restricted.

Animal experiments and radiation sterilization should not be used in the manufacturing process. Its formula and process are very complicated.

1. What are the benefits of using organic skincare?

Organic skin care products are very safe because they can’t be filled with artificial colors, artificial flavors, dimethylene, paraffin, or any other petroleum compounds.

This kind of skin care product will contain trace elements, iron, vitamins, and other nutrients, not only good for the skin but also improve human function and immunity.

So using organic skin care products is not only environmentally friendly, but also safer for yourself, and more natural than regular skincare products.

2. Who can use organic skincare products?

Because the ingredients used are so mild, such as dryness, allergies, inflammation, acne,

and other skin problems, most organic skincare products can be used by anyone without restrictions on skin type.

However, it is important to remind everyone that organic skin care products are not medicines, nor can they replace medicines.

It is just a natural skin care product. People should still use it with a rational attitude.

3. If I have sensitive skin, will I be allergic to organic products?

That’s not necessarily true. Although organic products can greatly reduce the chance of sensitivity, they are not a 100% guarantee.

There are still people who are allergic to some plants, and it’s all about skin.

4. Since natural and organic skincare, surely there’s no such thing as preservatives?

There must be preservatives, otherwise, the shelf life will be very short. However, the preservatives of organic skin care have strict requirements.

Preservatives of chemical raw materials are not allowed to be added. Only some functions of preservatives can be extracted from natural materials.

However, organic skincare products do have a much shorter shelf life than regular products.

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