How Can Eyelash Curler Be Used To Make Eyelashes Curl More


1. I believe that having a pair of long, plump eyelashes is one of every girl’s lifelong dreams!

Eyelashes are a very, very important way to double your eye magnification when it comes to perfect eye makeup.

But even with the use of many brand-name mascaras, the results are still disappointing.

That’s when you start to think about what would be better if you used an eyelash curler.

I believe there are a lot of little fairies who are very distressed, how to curl eyelashes curling and lasting it.

Of the curlers I’ve used, I’ve found the convenient curler with no closing on either side to be useful.

Eyelash curlers with no closure are ideal for girls with very downward lashes at the end of the eye.

With this open eyelash curler, when the end of our eyelashes is relatively loose,

we can turn to the side to clamp, both sides are the same tight, and very easy to clamp.

It’s really friendly for big girls with crooked eyes. If you are a novice sister, I highly recommend using this! More versatile.

2. Now let’s look at how to use this eyelash curler. There’s one thing to keep in mind when curling your eyelashes: the split-clip method.

Otherwise, it’s very easy to curl your eyelashes at a 90-degree Angle, which can be ugly.

The piecewise clamping method is: from the root of the eyelashes to the middle of the eyelashes to the front of the eyelashes,

slowly slide the eyelash curler section by section, and slowly lift the hand, so that the effect of the curler looks like a natural arc.

Slowly raise your hand, curl the middle of your lashes a second time, and curl the front of your lashes a third time.

If you are in the process of using an eyelash curler, it is easy to clip the eyelid might as well try, first lift the eyelashes and then clip,

so that the eyelashes fully stretch up more easily and accurately clip to the root of the eyelashes.

Details can be curled with a topical eyelash curler or an electric eyelash curler. You can hold it for a few seconds while you clip it.

This is also a tip! The lower lashes should also be carefully curled in the same way, which can double the effect of the big eyes!

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