Check Out Chanel’s Classic Colorful Lip Balm


Although Chanel is to do clothing started, the makeup line has been outstanding. Lip products alone are divided into five categories, more than a dozen series.

Because there are too many products, today I only choose a few popular series to write about.

1. Chanel rouge coco shine series

Because it is the water bright series, the main is the water solute. It’s full and shiny and moisturizing, but there’s a common problem with these lipsticks:

they don’t last long enough. The colors in this collection are pretty much the same, most of them are coral pink, and peach pink, and the colors are more lively.

2. Chanel rouge allure series

This series of lipstick is just like its name, the color is richer and full than the water bright series, and the sense of luster is also stronger,

suitable for friends who have higher requirements for color development. Covering lip lines is great and lasts longer,

and many of Chanel’s hottest colors are in this collection.

3. Chanel rouge allure velvet series

This series should be familiar to everyone. Its full name is dazzling charm velvet lipstick, which is different from the dry texture of general velvet lipstick.

It has both the moisture of the dazzling charm series and the light and light comfort like velvet, especially suitable for friends with sensitive lips.

That’s probably why most people love the series.

4. Chanel rouge coco series

Rouge Coco is a new version of Chanel’s classic lipstick, and each lipstick color is named after a person, so it makes sense.

But in general, the difference between the dazzling series is not very big, but the texture will be more watery. This collection feels more suitable for younger girls.

5. Chanel rouge coco gloss series

This collection is moist, so the paste is soft and breaks easily. Some people say it’s uneven, but the color and durability are superb,

and the main thing is that this line of lipstick looks good in color.

6. Chanel rouge allure ink series

The imprinted lip glaze series is really hot when it just came on the market, excellent color rendering,

and hold makeup are also very good, not to mention matte lip glaze. Frosted glass bottles also feel nice in the hand.

7. Chanel Limited Tube Lipstick Red

Finally, the last collection, last year’s Poinsettia tube limited.

The color is nothing special, four slightly different reds, and many people buy it for the appearance level.

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