How To Choose The Right Facial Mist For You


Facial hydrating mists are optional for some but essential for others, and the reason for the difference has to do with everyone’s skin condition.

In summer, our skin is easy to sweat, and oil, especially outdoors for a long time, because stuffy will make the skin very uncomfortable,

if you have a bottle of water moisturizing spray in your bag at this time, you can timely bring a cool feeling for the skin to relieve discomfort;

Winter weather is dry, our skin will also become dry, if you always have a bottle of hydrating spray in your bag,

you can timely replenish some moisture for the skin, to avoid long-term dry. For sensitive dry skin, in the face of seasonal change and dryness,

skin discomfort will be more obvious, such as redness, itching, desquamation, such skin must use mild skin care products,

a bottle of facial spray repair hydrating is the best. What are the types of mist?

1. Whitening sunscreen mist

It is best to use outdoor, daytime care, and sunscreen at any time every day. It is usually rich in vitamin C and has powerful whitening properties.

It also fights light pollution and has a soothing effect on sun damage.

2. A calming mist

The spray is suitable for mixing sensitive skin, inflammation, and extreme environmental conditions such as heat burns.

It contains a large number of minerals and trace elements, can relieve skin pressure, enhance skin defense ability,

conducive to sensitive skin relief and calm, especially to strengthen the skin’s natural resistance known.

It can also help fragile damaged skin repair itself, rebuild the skin’s natural protective barrier, and even promote wound healing.

3. Firming Anti-aging mist

This type of spray is ideal for early anti-aging defense and the improvement of mature muscle.

It has an excellent anti-free radical effect, quickly moisturizes the skin layer, supplements grape seed extract,

or uses natural plant extracts, pH value is close to neutral, so it can achieve the effect of anti-aging.

4. Fragrance Conditioner mist

It is suitable for use in the office, when going out on a trip, and when creating an atmosphere.

Its fragrance effect is less sticky than perfume but easily absorbed by the skin. Generally, plant fragrance relieves skin pressure, and regulates mood and spirit.

There are even scented sprays that contain essential oils, which can also moisturize and set makeup.

5. Moisturizing and moisturizing mist

This kind of spray is used in air-conditioned rooms, emergency water shortages, and makeup repair situations.

It not only can quickly moisturize the skin but also can adjust the skin’s water and oil balance.

Directly sprayed on the skin can be quickly and naturally absorbed, and the moisturizing effect can generally for several hours,

its outstanding moisturizing effect is self-evident.

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